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For more than 10 years, boutique VERANDA produces the ideas of decorating your garden and home.

When creating our own countryside world, we try to surround ourselves with beautiful and comfortable things to form an atmosphere where it will be nice and cozy for our family and friends.

Decorating the house, we try to show the bright and innovative ideas to express the individuality of the interior, where anyone can find their favorite thing and create their own history in a house or apartment. Any interior is an expression of personal taste, character and philosophy of life of the individual.

The best design studios and European mills have entrusted us to represent their products:
Dedon, Mbm, Gloster, Ego, Oda, Royal Botania, Tribu, Val-Eur, Mk-Illumination, Dekorania, H-Andreas, Elledue, Florence Collections, Roberto Ventura, Lampe Berger, Lauren Valentin, Christopher Guy, F.Meroni, LamLee Pataviumart, Savio Firmino, Carlo Rampazzi, Wama.

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